Relationship Counselling | Couple Counselling


If you wish to work on your relationship with spouse or partner, Colette
provides online counselling for couples.

my approach to psychotherapyMany relationship problems can be resolved when a counsellor hears both sides of any situation and works with both parties to resolve issues stemming from the past. Past interpersonal trauma plays havoc with present relationships as people transfer negative beliefs and feelings from significant figures in their past over to present partners.

Conversation explores feelings between partners so that both parties can
deeply understand what the other partner might be experiencing, regretting,
afraid of, hoping for, in the here and now. Getting to know the other’s mind
profoundly helps connect and improves harmony. Conversely couples who are
fused together believing that total unity of mind and heart is ideal can learn to
respect the other’s individuality and tolerate each others’ healthy

Colette works online with couples and NEVER sees one partner alone. All is in
the open confidentially among the three of us.