Together with writing her own research papers, Colette has a special interest in mentoring the writing of others. Sometime this is with other therapists wanting to write creatively or academically, and at other times with writers wanting encouragement and critique. Additionally she runs book groups for people wanting to read and reflect on their readings as they pertain to their own lives.

Colette’s psychoanalytically oriented writing includes

Quiet Please: Metamorphosis is Taking Place – Metaphor as vehicle for Change and Harbinger of Transformation

The Self in Conversation Volume IV, Ed Russell Meares and Pauline Nolan, 2005
ANZAP Books, pp76-91.

The Metaphor of Play: Origin and Breakdown of Personal Being

Third edition, Russell Meares, ANZAP Bulletin, Winter 2005 Volume 15 No. 2, pp35 -37.

From Coleridge’s Conversational Poems to the Conversational Model or It Takes Two to Tango

The Self in Conversation
Volume V, Ed Russell Meares and Pauline Nolan, 2006
ANZAP Books, pp204-220.

Poetry and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Negotiating World and Word

The Self in Conversation
Volume VI, Ed Russell Meares and Pauline Nolan, 2007
ANZAP Books, pp136-150.

Mara Linga, A Visual Metaphor for Trauma and its Integration

A paper given at The World Congress of Psychotherapy
Sydney 2011.

Relationally and Creatively

A paper given at the IARPP Conference
New York, 2012.

Writing Workshops

Colette’s recent Writing Workshop: ‘The Autobiographical Self: Organising the Past’ facilitated the writing of life stories from psychotherapists at the 22nd ANZAP Annual Conference, September 2010.

The Autobiographical Urge: From Trauma to Health

Given at the Combined Conference Initiative of Westmead Hospital and The Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy (ANZAP)
Sydney 2012.

Wordsworth. Hobson and the Ineffable Something

Paper given to ANZAP Conference

Master of Ships, Master of Metaphor: Hobson’s Debt to Joseph Conrad

Paper given to ANZAP Conference

From Dissociation to a Grounded Gnosis

Paper presented to IARPP Conference Sydney